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What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children (birth to teenage years) develop or refine their skills in order to function to their best ability in their daily routines and environments.

Sweet Pea OT is your resource for addressing all stages of your child's development


Sweet Pea OT, LLC
Intake Form

Please click here to download and fill out the intake form.


Provide this completed form on or before the first session.

When should a child see an Occupational Therapist?


A child may need occupational therapy if they are experiencing challenges with or have delays in the following skill areas:

Fine Motor


Using his/her hands to accurately reach/ grab, manipulate toys, open containers, manage zippers/buttons, use utensils, appropriately crayons/pencils or fatigue easily when writing

Gross Motor


Rolling, crawling, sitting or walking, jumping, low muscle tone or decreased strength, poor coordination or motor planning

Sensory Integration


Self-regulation/ modulation, tactile/touch sensitivities, negative behaviors, feeding (difficulty with food textures, tastes or touch)

Play Skills


Decreased attention to task, mouthing toys or throwing toys beyond age appropriateness, frustration with fine motor activities, prefers to play alone

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