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Infants and toddlers: Mastering Milestones
Parent/child groups that focus on age-appropriate skill development. Education and facilitated discussions focusing on typical and atypical development at each developmental stage.  These groups are fun engaging, supportive and non-judgmental. Children of all abilities are welcome. Participation and supervision by a parent is mandatory.  Screening process is required for group cohesion.
Making Moves
(3-6 months)


Discover fun ways to support your infants emerging motor and language skills through playfulness, positioning and environmental surroundings. Parent and infant small group setting (3-5 infants).

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Standing Strong
(7-12 months)


At this stage the child is focused on practicing how to move his/her body using both fine and gross motor skills.  In this group, you will learn and practice ways to set up your home to make a safe and playful environment that encourages fine and gross motor skill development. Introduction to solids and feeding will be discussed.

On the Go
(13-18 months)


Exploration is the benchmark of this stage.  Children are learning how to manipulate toys, navigate in and around their environment and learn and push boundaries.  In this group, parents will learn techniques to create a rich learning environment that focuses on skill development within typical daily routines and interactions.  Education and facilitated discussion will also focus on being positive while creating/ setting safe limits and boundaries to support healthy social-emotional development.

On My Own
(19-24 months)


At this stage the child is discovering his/her sense of independence. This stage is full of conflict for both the child and caregiver due to the struggles of holding on and letting go.  This group will support parents and caregivers with embracing the child’s emerging independence and need to do things on their own.  Education and facilitated discussion will focus on capturing moments with your child to provide learning experiences in daily routine while empowering them to become confident achievers.

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