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sweet pea OT - pediatric occupational therapy


Your primary source for infant, toddler and school-aged children's occupational therapy


Sweet Pea OT specializes in infant and toddler development from 0-4 years old and school age children.  



Addressing areas of: 


Sensory Processing/Modulation


Fine Motor Skill Development


Hand Writing (Print and Cursive)


Keyboarding (Touch Typing)


Play Skills


Activities of Daily Living (ADL's)

-Sleep Training Support

-Shoe Tying


Feeding/ breastfeeding support


Gross Motor Skill Development

-Rolling, Crawling, Sitting, Walking,   -Balance, Coordination

-Bike riding

Sweet Pea OT uses a family centered approach that optimizes your child's already familiar daily routines for achieving therapeutic benefits.  


Occupational Therapy Services are based in your home or other environments that are part of your child's/family's life, such as school, playground, library or play group.



Sweet Pea OT offers developmental classes for young children and their caregivers. These classes are designed to monitor the childs development in all areas. In each class, strategies are provided to help promote the aquisition of age-appropriate fine/gross motor skills, early langage skills, and play skills.

Class sizes are small which allow parents and children to practice new skills and be playful in a safe and supportive environment. 


For a more detailed description and further breakdown of the classes offered, please visit our Classes Page.

"Your partner for progress!"
Treating your child like our own!
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